The monograph states out a physical theory of the Megaworld* based on a concept of a polarized zero-vacuum which gives birth to three physically different worlds with a wider (comparing to the known one) spectrum of elementary particles and fields. Scientific, religious, occult data are drawn to analyze properties of the worlds. Universality of the polarization approach permits to essentially expand the range of use of the physics and to interpret the phenomena which are incomprehensible today. It is succeeded to achieve a good consent of the polarization theory which operates with only three empirical constants velocity of light, Planck's quantum constant and gravitational constant with the experimental data and often within the limits of accuracy of measurements. On the basis of single approach fundamental problems of physics of elementary particles, of cosmology and astronomy, of mechanics and evolution (including geochronology and demography, history and futurology), of biology and medicine, of life and death, of psychophysics and parapsychology, of information and economics, of non-apparent worlds and even ufology and astrology are examined in the submitted materials. A possibility to create a non-fuel source of energy basing on the polarization mechanisms is being discussed. A new physical paradigm polarization which corrects and generalizes the modern one is being formulated.

For specialists of the stated regions of science, for explorers of human beings experience which is not embraced yet by the modern science and for post-graduates and students who take an interest in problems listed above.

*Megaworld means all the existing worlds.