Introduction relates the history of how this work has arisen the impulse to which was given in 1985 after the author has observed an UFO. After many a year of feeble attempts to interpret different kinds of anomalous phenomena the author understood an inferiority of modern paradigm and a necessity to formulate a more adequate paradigm. He got down to developing the one in 1995. This monograph is the outcome of this research, which has led to appearance of this universal Polarization Theory of the Megaworld (PTM).

In part 1 the modern paradigm is formulated and analyzed, and a fundamental polarization approach to the Megaworld based on the "zero" principle is stated. This approach is applied in order to interpret a number of important physical facts which do have a reliable and pretty large base for experimental and observation phenomena but lack convincing theoretical substantiations. The PTM being well agreed with them allows coming to conclusion that it is adequate and expedient to be applied to natural phenomena information on which is not too reliable and exact whenever problems of living matter are concerned. The latter are discussed in parts II and III, where applicability of polarization models to phenomena not embraced by modern physics are demonstrated which is verified by the universality installed into the polarization approach.


Part I

The status of fundamental physics is analyzed and presence of unresolved problems and contradictions are established in this chapter. A way out of the crisis condition is proposed in the reconsideration of the present day paradigm. The latter is being formulated and critically analyzed. One of the reasons of the inferiority thereof is narrowness of the spectrum of authentic scientific data on which it is built without considering other fields of human beings’ experience (religious, esoteric, mystic etc.). It is necessary to integrate this experience in a synthetic science based on an adequate paradigm which makes up one of the tasks of this work.


Chapter 2. Fundamentals of the polarization theory

This chapter is the general one for forming the polarization approach on the fundamental level.

Modern physics explores the relativistic world where the speeds of fields and particles are limited by the value of velocity of light. But the very process of birth of particles in this world has never been observed, they come to our world “ready”. That is why another world should exist, the one where they are born and destroyed. This world of polarization processes is invisible for us and this monograph is devoted to study its properties

.In contradistinction to the relativistic world the vacuum of the polarization world is not a physical one, the one in which energy is different from zero. In the vacuum of the polarization world all the physical quantities are of zero-order (zero-vacuum), and the matters both field and real are formed in the process of polarization of the vacuum. Zero-vacuum is a certain creating substance, which set forth the laws of polarization physical quantities in the Megaworld with zero mean values. According to experience their local values in our Universe are the complex ones and this determines the character of the polarization processes. Primary principles of physics are derived from the «zero» principle and fields of application thereof are established from it.

The polarization world is subdivided into three types. The initial ones are the worlds of classical complex scalar fields with translation symmetry, the ones which are characterized by a certain velocity of propagation thereof c (c-worlds). Imaginary components of the fields are interpreted as primary information fields. A concept of «spirit» is linked with them and this makes it a physical category.

Polarization of rotation results in a local change of the space symmetry into the axial one in the c-world and the worlds of quantum fields and particles characterized by the Planck’s constant h (h-worlds) emerges. Thus impregnations of non-gravitated h-universes are created. In the c- and h-worlds time is reversible, the past, present and future events coexist and evolution is impossible.

The evolutional mechanism appears at polarization in the h-universes of confined spaces with central symmetry and gravitation. It is there G-worlds and their gravitating universes (G-universes) come into existence. We live in one of these. Evolution is possible at breach of reversibility of time. PTM investigated in this book establishes that gravitation is breaching T-invariance not only for K0-mesons, but for neutrons as well while carrying the latter to disintegration, the time of which agrees with the one founded in experiment within the limits of errors. That is why evolution processes take place in the nucleonic world, and gravitating universes are nucleonic. Vedic reincarnation is a mechanism of evolution of living essences of the h-world.

In the G-world a quintet of new charges – tastes – is getting polarized, a quartet of 24-pets of new fields which include one gravionic with the SU(5) group symmetry and three combined (one vectorial and two tensorial) is being born. There is no interpretation of phenomena in a gravitating world which is possible without gravionic and combined fields. Taking these into consideration the unification of interactions (Hyperunification) gives constants to four fundamental interactions which conform to experimental values within the limits of experimental error. It appears that theoretically it is possible to get a corresponding to experiment massive spectrum of leptons, quarks and vectorial intermediate bosons, generated by the Planck’s particle (masson) – the main component of the dark matter of G-universes.The spectrum of more light and scaled analogues which determine the hierarchical organization of the matter of the Universe is also polarized together with the known particles.

Among other results of the PTM are the theories of c-c-mesons, of nucleons and nuclear forces that are in agreement with experimental data are also to be singled out. Application of PTM to the evolutional processes is demonstrated by a physical model of geochronological periods which agrees with geological and paleontological data and which explain the global changes of flora and fauna with polarization changes in the spectrum of fields. Another example – stages of evolution of the Homo race and population change thereof (demographic curve) which corresponds to the known data.

Identical particles of the relativistic world within the non-relativistic polarization world obtain new quantum numbers and become in principle distinguishable. That is why instead another – deterministic interpretation of quantum mechanics which excludes wave-particle duality is given instead of existing indeterministic one. Schrodinger’s equation as well as the equation of Navier-Stokes gets a polarization derivation in the book.

It is important to emphasize that only three empirical constants – the constant of the three worlds c, h, and G are used in PTM. This means that PTM cannot be generalized and in this sense it is a final theory. The universalism of PTM is displayed in the next chapters of the book.


Chapter 3. Formation and evolution of the Universe

Here modern concepts of our expanding Universe and existing theoretical problems (of singularity, horizon, initial state, dark matter, accelerated expansion etc.) are analyzed. The modern cosmology is based on the general theory of relativity and on the Big Bang hypothesis; the latter coming into existence on the basis of data on the baryonic matter mass conservation in the process of expansion before the dark matter has been discovered. Nevertheless, the later discovered dominance of the dark matter having still unknown the dynamics of its mass alternation puts the hypothesis of early birth of this mass into doubt.

The Universe is the structure in the process of birth that is why an alternate hypothesis of polarization increase of the mass of an invisible matter, which leads to the expansion of the Universe, is quite natural. Correspondingly, the Universe is regarded as a structure which is being born in a polarization space where the basic role belongs not to gravitational forces but to polarization-and-reactive one which are conditioned by the modification of the dark matter mass.

The evolution of the Universe consist of three phases.. At the initial one – gas phase (0 < t < TA = 4,66?109 years) when the first stars and galaxies are being born, the velocity of Universe border expansion which was initially higher then light velocity diminishes to this value. The expansion with the velocity of light (the second phase) lasts up to t = 2TA. This is the phase when the large-scale structure of the Universe is formed and where combined fields play an important role. Then the third – modern phase of accelerated expansion of the Universe with speed higher then light velocity comes. This expansion conditioned by polarization-and-reactive forces (and not by the ?-member of the general theory of relativity).

The polarization quantum three-constant model of the expanding Universe agrees with the measured baryon and dark matter densities, Hubble’s constant and some other parameters. It describes the accelerated expansion of the Universe disregarding the assumption that a new substance – dark energy – exists. The polarization model explains the large-scale homogeneity of the Universe; it gives a theoretical validity to the Hubble’s law also outside this homogeneity (Hubble’s riddle). That is why it is expedient to undertake a more complete research thereof and to compare it with cosmological data.

On the grounds of polarization model which considers the birth of massons (dark matter) and light fermions which are the germs of the hierarchical structures, the system of galaxies – galaxies of the field, doublets, groups, clusters – is analyzed. Their averaged characteristics being in good agreement with I.D. Karachentsev’s data.

In conclusion the structure and rotation of galaxies which have polarization nature is investigated. The received results correspond to the observation data.

A successful cosmological application of the polarization approach had allowed to formulate a polarization cosmology paradigm.


Chapter 4. Solar system

A polarization model of the Solar system fairly well (with an error of less than 1%) describes a number of important properties of its ten chief bodies: their masses, parameters of their orbits and periods of planets’ own rotation, number of their satellites, the power of solar radiation. In this model the Solar system is regarded as a polarization quantum system of a hierarchical level l = 10*), which belongs to the zone of corotation. The lightweight fundamental fermions form germs of its bodies within the protosolar structure which has the shape of a discus with a spherical nucleus (level l = 9) in its centre. Beside fermionic matter this discus contains a massonic component as well. The equilibrium of the germ system is determined by polarized and reactive forces and also by the symmetry of fermionic multiplets and combined fields. The equilibrium state is characterized by a set of quantum numbers, which remain intact in the process of transition a formed Solar system to gravitation equilibrium. This set is defined on the base of observation data and describes the parameters thereof with a good accuracy.

It has become clear that formation of hard-phase planets took place later on following formation of gas-phase giant planets and is connected with polarization of gluono-gravionic combined fields. The polarization model determines the angular momentum of a planetary system which agrees with the observed value and which significantly surpasses the solar one. For mechanic models this kind of distribution of the momentum represents an unresisted difficulty.The 61 satellites are born together with gas planets, but four of their germs, which have not found their place, are “teleported” to the nearest solidbodied planets in the moment of their birth: two from Jupiter go out to Mars, and from Neptune one to Pluto and one to the Earth.

As for parameters of the satellites’ orbits as well as of the cometic belts, their descriptions have an empirical character so far as the used polarization ratios are less grounded theoretically. The same is relevant to the average density of planets that points to the necessity to extend the polarization model. There are no grounds to get doubted about the adequacy of the polarization approach, the advantage thereof over mechanic model look sufficiently convincing.

* The known to us fermions belong to the hierarchical level l = 1.


Part II


Chapter 5. Living matter

The main message of this chapter is to find some fundamental understanding of what is life with its astonishing manifestations – whether it is born within the process of self-organization from an inert matter as adherents of reductionism deem, if it is created by the Creator, as creationists teach or if according to Vedas it exists primordially.

The polarization approach suggests that the inert matter is just a part of material component, at that it is a secondary one, and only the outside-nature substance of zero-vacuum can be the Demiurge thereof. The best concept corresponding to PTM and to the three types of worlds is the Vedantic concept of primordial existence of spiritual form of life which is associated with the complex scalaric field of c-world. It gives birth to live material forms of h-world, evolution of which takes place through temporary sojourn in G-universes. Six “thin” shells of a human being, about which the Vedas say, are interpreted as structures on the base of a fundamental sixtet of fermions (as well as sixtet of scalar bozons), which form an organism of an hierarchical level l = 6.

This concept is confirmed when different aspects of living matter are examined further and the results thereof are compared with available ancient and modern empirical data (biological, extrasensory, occult). The polarization model of a human being on the fundamental level gives grounds for the ancient Indian teaching on chakras and channels tying them (nadi), as well as for ancient Chinese teaching on meridians and five-elemental cycles and for holistic approach to medicine, it assists to understand a number of biophysical phenomena, such as morphogenesis, taxonomy, human being’s perception of the outer world, his aura.

The best quantitative agreement of the polarization model of a human being is got if the universal genetic code, colour sight, alternative vision inherent in individuals possessing extrasensorical gift, biorhythms of the human being’s organism and his main organs are interpreted on the fundamental level.

Attempt of fundamental physical approach to the problem of cancer is (?) worth mentioning among other considered problems.


Chapter 6. Life and other worlds

Our conscious «I» repeatedly comes to the Earth from another world and returns there out again after death leaving the biological bodies at the Earth. This is a biological mechanism of reincarnations. What represents this another world? Is it non-gravitating h-world or the other world is this a certain intermediary form between h- and G-worlds? What is the physical structure of a reincarnating personality, how does it function, move, think, feel? These and other similar difficult questions are discussed in this chapter. The main difficulty here is the problem of trustworthiness to available subjective pieces of information about the other--beyond of grave world (often they are mutually contradicting) and the choice of information fit to pass through the touchstone of a scientific approach ( which is approbated and effective to be used for analyzing the phenomena of our world ) is troublesome. Hence two phenomena,supported by essential statistical data – UFO and OOB (out of body) especially the latter can become more or less appropriate sources of information. The OOB at clinical death give evidences that consciousness is not a function of the brain. To understand the other world of OOB information from R. Monroe and his research institute is especially useful. In order to describe this other world, which he has studied through hundreds exits from body, he lacks the accepted notions and this complicates interpretation of OOB-data.

Five-zone structure of the near-earth other world represented by R. Monroe corresponds to intermediate h-G-form in which a per zone polarization of combined fields takes place. Monroe has discovered that there exist not one but two extracorporeal structures which have different natural habitat of stay that corresponds to PTM conceptions. Evidently Monroe managed to be in the world of right-hand matter – right-hand analogue of the Earth, existence of which PTM predicts (our world where there is no free right-hand neutrino).

Monroe’s information on the physical structure of a complete Individual is used in order to identify physical fields which are realizing his functions: thinking, emotions, love etc. in order to understand the collective nature of mankind’s evolution.

An attempt is made in conclusion to formulate an approach to mechanics of the other world, the one which is suitable to describe the displacements therein and where the key role belongs to consciousness which controls certain polarization processes.


Chapter 7. Certain phenomena of the non-displayed world

The very existence of a reality which is concealed from us is beyond doubts. These are not only c- and h-worlds or the circum-earth other world but also the invisible polarization world evidences of which we meet in our G-world, being not able to find explanations thereto. To understand them the polarization approach is necessary.

Such anomalous phenomena can be divided into three groups. The first one includes psi-phenomena, which are generated by human being’s psyche. Second group is formed of the nature phenomena. The third group – are manifestations showing signs of reasonable behaviour but which are initiated by a non-human intellect (UFO, poltergeist etc.). Mostly the phenomena of natural origin are discussed in this chapter. Examples are chosen so that to illustrate most essential and enigmatic properties of the non-displayed world. Among the considered psychophysical effects a phenomenon of fore knowledge, which is a matter of principle for PTM, can be singled. It is analyzed on the base of the well-studied example of Vanga Dimitrova, the clairvoyant. The polarization model of the phenomenon gives quantitative agreement with the data on portion of realized prophecies. The possibility to predict indicates to predestination of evolutionary processes in the Universe that contradicts to modern conceptions of random nature of evolution. The phenomenon “rounds on the fields”analyzed in the book is regarding as manifestation of extraterrestrial intellect.

Among the natural phenomena discussed in this book there are cosmos-terrestrial connections, geo-active zones and nets, atmospheric whirlwinds. The polarization interpretations are given to known experiments of A.N. Kozyrev and N. Tesla, also biolocation, change of weight of bodies, effect of form and some other phenomena. A quantitative agreement of three-constant polarization theory with a number of experimental data on superfluidity 4He and high-temperature superconductivity which could not be got earlier on the basis of existing theories should be specially marked.


Part III


Chapter 8. On polarization phenomena and technologies

The chapter is devoted to discussing the polarization nature of several physical phenomena which do not have convincing interpretations within the frames of modern conceptions. Special attention is given to the effects, which deal with this or that form of rotation of matter. Analysis thereof allows getting nearer to understanding of J. Searle’s effect, which in the 50-th years of XX century was embodied in a no-fuel generator – the first polarization generator tens of kilowatt power which operated for a long time. Some other experiments with excessive energobalance have been considered.

The experiment of A.F. Okhatrin, which can be interpreted as an immediate visual observation of light fermions of hierarchical levels l = 4 and 5, worth be marked. Existence and properties of light fermions were deducted theoretically and though the polarization of these particles allowed to clarify the nature of many incomprehensible phenomena the particles themselves stayed invisible and thus hypothetical ones. The visual observation of the structure made of light fermions is important in principle as a direct experimental evidence of their existence and yet another polarization theory confirmation.

An important problem of general physics is the nature of fluctuations. The thin structure thereof gets an explanation as an evidence of polarization fluctuation mechanisms in the relativistic world.

Polarization mechanisms of global circulations in atmosphere and cloud formation are also discussed.

The rotation of tea-leaves which, when getting stopped, quite often create a symmetrical sediment lets the opportunity for a reader to independently get convince in existence of forces unknown to science. This “tea-leaf paradox” is regarded as a polarization phenomenon.


Chapter 9. Physical mechanisms of evolution and structuring of social environments

In the concluding chapter PTM is applied to analyze fundamental problems of two social sciences – economics and history, as well as to try and obtain prognosis for human society evolution.

Fundamental problem of social sciences is how the mechanisms of wishes and preferences of separate individuals can be integrated into these or those collective (group) interests.

In the modern theory of economics a point of view dominates that this kind of integration of interests is not possible because of “non-commensurability of an individual benefit” as appears from a known theorem of K. Arrow. That is why such a basic element of economics as demand forming on commodity markets is deprived of foundation because the demand for ready commodities is mostly presented by households, that is, groups.

Another opinion on the problem arises at the polarization approach which reveals three kinds of groups of different polarization nature: family, state and intermediate social groups. Out of these only family is similar to an individual in his market hypostasis while integrating preferences of their members.

The state realizes its main functions in an information space and in its lawful subspace. The polarization mechanisms present explanations of evolution tendencies of two-level states – federations and unions.

In this chapter particular attention is given to physical nature of the historical process. This nature manifests itself in the existence of historical necessity which clarifies itself in physical conformity to natural laws which are beyond the human beings’ will.

A fundamental one is the question of how the historical process is coordinated with the evolution of human being’s psychosphere. It is shown that the stages of human society development correlate with consecutive-parallel evolution of human being’s psishells, that is, with psychological readiness of masses to perceive the evolutional information. It comes along the polarization quantum transitions and initiates chains of world significance events connected together with common historical sense.

The established correlation between polarization, historical and prehistorical events points to the polarization nature of the evolutionary process. It allowed to make more accurately the dating of a most important event in the history of humanity – the date when a new concluding era will come; it happens on 24 April 2008 (most probable date). Also a polarization mechanism responsible for origin of “arrow of time” in the historical process, that is, irreversibility of human evolution, has been found. For the examples of event rows which had been initiated by this mechanism stand the key events of forming the scientific paradigm and the history of Russian state and the USSR. It is responsible for the USSR disintegration and the correlated therewith – the demographic phenomenon which is called “the Russian Cross”. It is shown that the evolution of Russia is conditioned with polarization mechanism which differs from that of the rest of the world. This determines a special role of Russia evolution in the historical process.

The found physical mechanisms are used to make prognosis for the main boundary-marks of human society development in the coming era.



The success of the formulated polarization approach is illustrated with listing problems from the “Ginzburg’s list” (30 most important physical problems as singled out by V.L. Ginzburg) which have got polarization interpretation. They make up about one third of the list’s items. Three singled by him “great” problems: “arrow of time”, interpretation of quantum mechanics and reduction from living to non-living are considered.

Effectiveness of PTM, as has been demonstrated, made possible to apply it outside the spheres of today’s physical research, in particular, to the problems of life and death, consciousness and intellect, history and economics.

High accuracy, universalism and non-contradiction of three-constant PTM have been marked.

Polarization paradigm which includes ten primary positions has been formulated on the basis of the results elaborated in the process of work.