Физика неизвестной реальности

М.: ЛЕНАНД, 2018. — 672 с.



In the presented collection of articles the manifestations in the Universe of the physical

vacuum of the general monofundamental polarization theory developed by the author are

studied. Its properties are fundamentally different from the properties of the physical Dirac

vacuum. It is shown that taking into account the interaction of the physical vacuum of this theory

with the substance of the Universe allows solving existing problems of fundamental physics and

revealing the physics of phenomena anomalous for scientific concepts accepted today. The topics

the arrow of time of the articles are the most important fundamental theoretical problems (such

as the nature of space-time, the unification of fundamental interactions, the physics of particle

and field formation, the interpretation of quantum mechanics, the formation and structuring of

the universe and the solar system), and interesting for practical applications and contrary to the

established physical laws experiments.


Keywords: Megauniverse; Universe; physical vacuum; polarization; symmetry; complex

space-time, fields and particles; hierarchy of substance; the arrow of time; the evolution of living

matter and humanity; "hot" superconductivity; fuel-free energy generators.