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Chernukha V.V.

×49    We and worlds of the Megaworld. New physical picture of the world. –M.:           2012.


The Universe is a small part of the megaworld, it originates from the latter, and one cannot gain an insight into the nature of its inert and living matter without knowing laws of the megaworld. The modern science does not understand this association and restricts itself to study of the Universe only. This is the reason for its numerous problems. This book presents a physical picture of the megaworld built around hidden (unmanifest) worlds.   Their unusual physical properties show themselves in many of the phenomena of our world that cannot be explained by the modern science as it believes that such worlds do to exist. A physical theory that allows studying these worlds and their manifestations in our world was developed by the author in his monograph “Polarization theory of the Mega-universe” that appeared in 2008. The present book, which target audience is broader, describes, in simplified form and without mathematical manipulations, main results of the polarization theory, its new ideas about origination and properties of matter, emergence and evolution of the Universe, Solar System and life on the Earth, the nature of the historical process and human beings, their consciousness and thinking, life and death.

For readers with education in Natural Sciences and Humanities who would like to broaden their horizons and are interested to know the structure of the megaworld, origination and evolution of the living matter. 


© Chernukha V.V., 2012.

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