A New View of the World

Modern science provides the basis for engineering and technology applications that enhance human consumption capabilities. These are Internet, mobile communications and other technological discoveries. While feeling the effects of the technical progress, we think little of what is in store for the mankind in hundreds, thousands and millions of years. But environmental and resource constraints we are already facing can limit the human living standards in the future. Is this inevitable? The answer should be sought for in capabilities of fundamental science which we do not see at present, namely that of physics – the science about Nature.

And what is the situation with physics at the fundamental level? Can we say that the currently adopted view of the world based on the two pillars – quantum field theory describing microcosm phenomena and Einstein’s general relativity theory forming the basis for our understanding of the Universe and its structures – is correct? Physical scientists realize that the modern view of the world is contradictory since one cannot incorporate the gravity field in the quantum theory. For a few decades already physicist have been trying, without success, to formulate a theory that would eliminate the inconsistency. They call such a theory a final theory, or a theory of Everything, meaning by it just a restricted theory, rather than a comprehensive theory of the Mega-universe.

Religious beliefs had been replaced by the Cartesian-Newtonian view of the world that was destroyed by the quantum theory. Why the science has to revise the world view? This is because of new scientific discoveries that do not fit the existing ideas of the world and change these ideas. Whether this is an infinite process, or does the already available human experience allow developing an adequate theory of the Mega-universe?

The modern science is based on reliable and reproducible facts. However, they are few compared to the unknown. We do not know the nature of dark matter dominating the Universe. The huge number of anomalous phenomena, life, death, consciousness, thinking and varied human experience happen to be out of sight of science. A body of facts defines a paradigm. Scientific, religious and Vedic views of the world have their own factual bases. The official science wants to know nothing about a soul or invisible worlds because it cannot study either of them by its methods. It uses a relatively narrow set of facts, and this prevents it from constructing a paradigm that would be adequate to the Mega-universe, i.e. the present-day system of scientific notions cannot be complete and true. This is the reason for scientific contradictions and inability to understand the huge number of natural phenomena by physics. Some researchers understand this, but the majority does not. If something contradicts the existing paradigm, it is rejected as pseudoscience, charlatanism, incorrect experiment or simply a fabrication.

If we want to have a scientific paradigm that would be adequate to the Mega-universe, its visible and invisible worlds, we should proceed from consideration, to the fullest extent possible, of the totality of human experience, including scientific and religious knowledge, Vedic concept, esoterics, mysticism and anomalous effects of various kinds. In fact, a scientific synthesis of the totality of human experience is required. This is an unusual and difficult task since reliability of many of the subjective data is doubtful. But if we do not take them into account, a part of the actual human experience is lost. Such synthesis calls for a change in the research methodology.

Shall we strive for formulation of such a universal theory? No doubt we shall, since this theory can open up new opportunities and prospects for development of the humankind. Awareness of this have motivated an attempt to construct such a theory, with the result presented in my monograph “Polarization Theory of the Mega-universe” published in Moscow in 2008 (for its summary, refer to www.ptm2008.ru). The book demonstrates the theory universality with numerous phenomena of the inert and living matter that are not described by the modern science.

How such a universal concept of the Mega-universe, i.e. a real theory of Everything, can be developed? To this end it was necessary to find generalization of initial fundamental physics postulates built around the idea of physical vacuum – substance where energy only has a nonzero value.

There are no explanations as to what (or who) had released energy. Therefore, my first generalization consists in a postulate about existence of vacuum where all physical quantities have zero values (zero-vacuum), but which can produce them thus creating the Nature. This process is similar to electrical charge polarization where two particles having opposite and equal charges emerge from a neutral particle. Hence I called the Nature creation mechanism a polarization mechanism. This means that the Mega-universe is so arranged that the sum of any physical quantities is always zero. Along with a charged particle, there originate not only an antiparticle, but also their negaparticles – particles with negative mass, i.e. four worlds come into being at a time, each having its own subspace-time. And our world is one of them.

The second generalization is that in the general case physical quantities are complex. We can measure real quantities, but this does not mean that complex quantities do not exist in nature. For example, the Shrödinger complex wave function plays an important role in physics. Why this postulate is important? Complex components of fields allow introducing in physics an information field associated with soul, thinking and other phenomena that cannot be measured using available means. In particular, from the information field equation there follow the heuristically deduced Shrödinger equation which controls particles produced by the real field component, and the law of initial expansion of the Universe (that is nowadays associated with the Big Bang).

The third hypothesis gives an idea of three types of worlds existing in the polarization world (PW) and having different spatial symmetry. All directions are equivalent in the infinite world of waves. Field entities inhabit this world. This is the world of the Spirit; there is no substance in this world. The worlds of the first type differ in the wave propagation velocity (?-worlds).

The worlds of the second type have axial symmetry. They appear in the first type worlds as inclusions (universes). Wave oscillations in the second type worlds are polarized into two oppositely rotating vortexes which results in the formation of spinning substance particles and field quantization. These universes are characterized by a new constant – Planck’s constant. Such a vortex world was studied by Robert Monroe when he got out of his body. He describes it as being inhabited by living entities in the form of vortexes. And he discovered there himself in the vortex form and described his transition to the third world (G-world) – to Planet Earth.

The third world has central symmetry and emerges as spherical inclusions in h-universes. Unlike the first two types of world where time is reversible, this world has gravitation resulting in irreversibility of time for some complex particles, in particular, nucleons. This is a very weak effect that cannot be experimentally verified nowadays; however, it is very important since it makes evolution irreversible. The nature of origination of the “time arrow” has been long of interest to physics scientists since elementary process experiments show that time is reversible (except for neutral K-mesons). And it is possible to resolve this paradox with the polarization theory.

There are no polarization processes in the relativistic world known to science; all three spatial symmetries are implemented there.

The view of the three worlds in the Mega-universe is close to the Vedic concept where the highest world – the world of the Spirit – creates two types of universes. There is no sexual reproduction in the first of them that can be compared with h-universes; it appears in universes of the second type. As follows from the polarization theory of the Mega-universe (PTM), sexual reproduction originates from gravitation. This view of the world can be compared with the Christian Holy Trinity if we believe that the Holy Spirit rules the ?-world, God the Father rules the h-world, and the Son – the G-world.

The existence of the three worlds defined by the velocity of light, Planck’s and gravitational constants determines the minimum number of external constants that a general theory shall have. Only these three constants are used in the PTM, which means that this theory cannot be generalized.

Finally, the fourth hypothesis – polarization events are predetermined, and universes differ in their evolution programs. This hypothesis conflicts with present-day views that randomness rules the world. Not just events in microcosm but also those in macrocosm, such as mutations that are responsible for evolution of species, are considered to be accidental. However, if we want to have a universal theory, the hypothesis of randomness (indeterminism) should be rejected since there are facts that are not consistent with this hypothesis. The most well-known of them is the phenomenon of self-fulfilling prophecies when the probability of guessing a course of events is negligible. For example, studies of phenomenon of prophetess Vanga Dimitrova have shown that at least 70% of her prophecies come true. This fact alone suffices to give up the hypothesis of randomness if our objective is to construct a universal theory. Therefore, an alternative hypothesis has been chosen: everything is predestined, predefined. It appears that this assumption cannot be disproved as to do this we shall know the future with certainty. Hence it was necessary to give another – deterministic – interpretation of quantum mechanics, and this interpretation is presented in the monograph. Many people dislike the idea of predeterminacy of events, lack of free will, but those who believe in God just live with it: everything depends on God’s will. According to Albert Einstein, “God does not play dice”. And I agree with him.

The generalizations made proved to be sufficient for formulation of a theory of the Mega-universe that agrees well with experimental data for a wide range of phenomena (and not just physical) that are not understood. The fist principles have been deduced for quantum physics, which is thereby automatically included in the polarization theory (with an appropriate modification).

Several long-standing physics problems have been solved. I will mention two of them. One of them was mentioned above in the context of inconsistency of the modern view of the world. This is a unification of fundamental interactions between particle charges of different types with gravitational interaction of particle masses. In view of new fields of the G-world that expand theoretical capabilities of physics, the fine structure constant agrees with experimental values in eight digits. This allows giving an answer to the question of R. Feynman, Nobel Prize winner, about the fine structure constant: “Everyone would like to know, how this number appears? Nobody knows. This is one of the greatest damned mysteries of the physical science: the magic number given to us that a man does not understand at all”.

The second problem: how do particles acquire mass? This problem received much coverage in mass media due to the start-up of the Large Hadron Collider (LHC). According to existing concepts of the Standard Model (SM), leptons and quarks receive their mass from hypothetical Higgs bosons that have not yet been discovered. In the PTM, leptons and quarks acquire mass as a result of polarization processes involving the basic particle of dark matter – Planck particle – which mass had been found theoretically. And the fundamental particle mass determination accuracy is amazing: the electron mass that is by 22(!) orders of magnitude less than the Planck particle mass agrees with the experimental value within the uncertainty of the mass of the latter.

The predictive potential of the SM containing about 20 experimental constants is inferior to that of the PTM with its three constants. Therefore it is unlikely that Higgs bosons will be detected with the LHC. If the PTM prediction proves true, the current fundamental physics model will have to be rejected. In the coming years we will witness a fighting between the worldviews.

The PTM gives masses not only of fundamental particles we know, but also of their analogs that are unknown to physics. This is a totally unexpected result. There is a hierarchy of such particles – at each next level a particle weighs about 3000 times less but is larger just as many times. Their experimental detection is problematic, but their existence is evidenced by the hierarchic structure of the Universe substance where they play a governing role. There are 13 hierarchy levels in the visible part of the Universe. The Solar system is level 10, a man – level 6, and a cell – level 4.

After the Einstein’s and Fridman’s works we got used to believe that gravitational forces only act on large scales. But according to the PTM, the same range of fields acts in the evolving Universe on all of its scales as on the micro level. This changes our view of the Universe evolution that forms the basis of the present-day view of relativistic world. Along with the latter there exists an invisible world where particles and their derived structures originate. This does not conflict with our experience since physical scientists have never observed the particle origination process itself and formation of their parameters. They deal with “ready” particles of the relativistic world. The invisible world where they originate is called polarization world (PW). Its laws, for example, explain why masses of the Sun and planets or orbital radiuses of the latter have observable values, while astronomy cannot explain this.

Since we do not know the law of dark matter mass variation, it can be assumed that it increases as a result of polarization formation of the Universe. Hence its expansion should follow the PW laws. This approach gives results that agree with the observed characteristics of the Universe without using the Fridman’s model or the hypothesis of “dark energy” – an incomprehensible substance introduced for explanation of the recently discovered accelerated expansion of the Universe.

These are the most important changes in the modern concept of the Mega-universe.

According to the PTM, dimensionality of the polarization space-time is 11. In the string theory the dimensionality is the same, but the two theories interpret them differently. In the string theory, 7 “extra” dimensions only manifest themselves at very short distances; therefore we do not perceive them. In the polarization world the space is formed by 3D spaces of the three worlds of the Mega-universe. The time subspace has two dimensions. The second time characterizes the process of birth of particles, fields or substance structures. The PW has one important feature: the first six hierarchy levels are formed simultaneously. In the world of the living nature, six invisible structures governing development of a biological body are formed at these levels. In the ancient Vedic doctrine those are called “thin” bodies. But the official science believes that these bodies are fictions, through extrasensers see and describe them thanks to their extrasensory perception. And the method invented by the Kirlians’ couple allows visualizing them. Medicine and biology believe that consciousness, psychic manifestations of a human being are produced by the human brain and nervous system. This view rests on the experimentally found correlation between manifestations of consciousness and brain processes, while the Vedic doctrine believes that brain is a structure through which a human personality, consciousness adapt to the environment. The phenomenon of out-of-body experience (so called going out of the body) bears evidence in favor of this view. Thanks to advances in critical care medicine, patients can be resuscitated after their apparent death. In spite of the fact that the brain of such patients does not function (a straight line in the EEG), about 15-20 % of them tell medical staff what the saw and heard in the surgery when they were out of their bodies. Their stories are confirmed by medical staff who witnessed the apparent death. A statistically significant data have been collected which does not allow ignoring this phenomenon, but many people among the medical profession refuse to believe in it and offer other explanations of what is happening. But how the fact that blind people see when they are out of their bodies and loose their vision again when they return into the body can be interpreted otherwise? Hence the standpoint of the official medicine is unacceptable for the universal theory. The out-of-body experience does not conflict with the PTM.

Physical nature of consciousness and thinking is still a mystery nowadays. According to the PTM, this are processes occurring in the PW and defined by an imaginary component of fields, with scalar field playing a special role. Knowledge of the thinking physics is important for understanding of the free will problem. As a result of the thinking process we make one or another decision and believe that the choice depends on us. But to be sure of it, one should know the thinking mechanism, know where information is drawn from. Most likely we make a decision that is programmed by our fate through the mechanism of selective communication with the information field. This decision defines our action.

The PTM gives answers to many of the questions that nature put to us, thus demonstrating its inherent universal and general nature. Based on out-of-body studies of R. Monroe and his institute, it even allows getting an insight into the afterworld and its structure.

I would like to enlarge upon two predictions of the PTM of practical importance for people who live nowadays, that can be checked in the near future. The statement that Higgs bosons do not exist is important in terms of science.

The first one concerns the population process. About the 24th of April 2008 the mankind completed the first half of the time allotted to it by the nature that lasted 4.4 million years, and had to achieve the population size of 6.75 billion people (which agrees with data provided by UNO and other organizations within the accuracy of demographic measurements). In recent decades, the population growth rate increased rapidly, and if this trend had continued, the mankind would have been threatened with over-population with all consequences that come with it. However, in the final era that has commenced, the population growth rate will start decreasing gradually, and in the next 4.4 million years given to the mankind as biologic species its population will only double. Due to inaccuracy of demographic estimates, the decrease in the population growth rate will become noticeable in the next few years. If the prediction is correct, than, in view of the fast growth of the world production in recent decades (about 4% per year), the mankind will be able to achieve abundance if environmental and resource limitations are removed by transformation of production pattern. Is this possible?

Polarization physics offers such opportunities. We should learn to use unusual properties of the polarization world. Energy in concentrated form can be derived from it and used for construction of energy generators. When being consumed, energy dissipates and returns from our relativistic world back to the PW. This eliminates the problem of thermal littering of the environment inherent in currently available energy generators and the problem of energy resources, thus changing the geopolitical situation. Huge amounts of money are nowadays invested in the search for alternative and renewable energy sources, as it is widely recognized that reserves of natural gas, oil, coal, nuclear fuel will be exhausted rather soon. Polarization generators are not involved in the search since the official science believes that perpetuum mobile is impossible based on experiments in the relativistic world.

For all that, enthusiasts in many countries pursue development of polarization generators (they are also called free energy generators, torsional generators, etc.). The first electrical generator of this type suitable for practical use was built by J. Searl, self-taught English inventor, who for 30 years supplied his house with electricity from this generator. In 1985 the Birmingham Power Plant put him in prison for being a persistent non-payer. Upon leaving the prison, J. Searl found his laboratory ruined and looted. Before that, he tried to draw attention of academic and industrial communities to his invention. But he was not successful. Nobody could understand how his generator works, where it derives energy from, and he himself could not explain. I managed to formulate a polarization theory of Searl generators that confirmed their parameters and operability, and a theory of flying discs that he had built. The discs developed supersonic velocities without any noise which is possible in the PW. Polarization generators do not contradict the physical laws, and this should be acknowledged by the academic community and industry.

The Searl generator was not the only polarization device that found practical application. Rather well-known is 3-kW Testatika generator that produced electricity for a small religious community near Bern. It was built by pastor Bauman who had an inspiration when he was in prison.

Vortex heat generators that produce more heat (up to 5 times) than consume electricity from the mains are currently in the market. This is one of the types of polarization energy converters.

Nowadays it is reported a lot about experimental generators of various types that produce surplus energy. Among recent works, it is worth noting K. Chukanov’s plasma generator that produces high-power short-wave radiation, and a 6-kW Searl-type electrical generator developed by S. Godin and V. Roschin.

Thanks to the polarization theory, development of such generators will not be blind, and so it will proceed at a faster pace. It is reasonable to expect that cheap fuel-free and environmentally friendly energy generators suitable for mass use will be developed in the coming years. This will open up the possibility of developing territories not covered by electric and thermal grids, and in the future such generators will displace other energy sources and solve the energy resource shortage problem forever.

Any of us may by a simple home experiment make sure that forces unknown to the modern science do exist. To this end, it will suffice to take a vessel about 10 cm in diameter, pour in it a little water and put some dry tea. If the settled tea bits are spinned by a spoon, while slowing down they gather around the vessel axis forming a 3 to 5 cm spot. One would think the sediment shall take a nearly circular shape, but this happens very seldom. As a rule, polygons are formed. In about 5-10% of the cases their shape is close to a regular pentagon (or “house”). Regular quadrangles and hexagons are produced much less frequently. These symmetries and non-hydrodynamic forces involved are manifestations of the polarization world.

In conclusion I would like to discuss a problem of technogenic UFO visiting the Earth, since development of the PTM was initiated by my observation of a UFO in 1985. The official science believes that this phenomenon contradicts physical laws because it is impossible to move faster than light in the world known to science. But even if flight velocities are close to the velocity of light (not to mention rockets), interstellar flights will last many years.

At the same time, there has been accumulated a great volume of evidence, photographs and videos of UFO which science cannot explain. The evidence is similar irrespective of the continent or eyewitness status. Once again the official science proves to be incapable of explaining the recorded and statistically significant phenomenon and denies its possibility. But in the PW such possibility exists since there are no constraints on the travel speed. Noiseless flights of technogenic UFO at a great speed and other UFO properties indicate that these are PW machines built by highly developed civilizations of other stellar systems.

This example is another corroboration of the universal nature of the PTM, its ability to study phenomena of invisible worlds. It broadens the fundamental physics application area: not just inert, but also living matter, including the human society, are the sphere of its application. Physical scientists will hardly object against such expansion of the field of activity.

The PTM describes well the reality, which confirms its initial postulates and allows formulating a new scientific paradigm that drastically differs from the one adopted today. This is an expected result that points to the need and possibility of a universal understanding of the world, and only such an understanding allows speaking of a final theory or a theory of Everything in a literal sense.

The change of the world view affects interests of the entire academic community. Higgs boson detection experiments in the LHC will soon allow us making a choice between the two alternative views of the world.